Life Insurance Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated. Let Us Make It Simple.

When a person passes on, they leave behind a hole in the hearts and lives of the people they love. Nothing can replace the love and time lost, which makes death painful for everyone.

Sadly, some families are also left to fill another hole when a loved one passes: namely, a significant financial gap. Medical bills, funeral costs, and credit card debt are just a few of the immediate expenses people face.

If the person was the primary household earner, the stress is increased significantly. The rest of the family has to put grieving on pause to develop a plan to pay the mortgage, cover monthly expenses, and make up for the lack of income.

A simple life insurance policy is a gift to your family. It protects the people you love and provides for them when you are gone. Most importantly, it covers their expenses so they can focus on what’s important — grieving, healing, and moving forward.

Better Benefits Group offers excellent life insurance policies for individuals as well as businesses who want to offer a valuable benefits package to their employees.

Which Life Insurance Policy Is Right For You?

Here’s All You Really Need To Know About Life Insurance

Many life insurance companies make their policies confusing. There are only two types of life insurance: temporary (called “term”) and permanent (called “whole life”). Each policy is ideal for different people in different circumstances.

Term Life

A term life policy lasts for a fixed time period, determined by the policyholder. You may choose coverage for 10, 20, or 30 years. At the end of this time period, the policy expires and is no longer valid. In the unfortunate case where a term life policy is used, your family will be provided the means to cover funeral costs, medical bills, and any debt you may have left behind.

Term life policies are very affordable and are an excellent choice for young and healthy individuals. If you have minor dependents, term life is a great way to protect and provide for your family and ensure they get the maximum death benefit in the event you can no longer provide for them.


Whole Life

As the name implies, a whole life policy remains in effect for the rest of the policyholder’s life. While more expensive than a term policy, the monthly premium for a whole life policy remains fixed throughout the duration of the policy.

A whole life plan:

  • Increases in value over time
  • Generates income later on in life
  • Offers multi-generational wealth creation

There are several subcategories of whole life insurance: traditional whole life, universal life, and variable universal life. Each one has unique features that may serve different individuals in different ways. Contact Better Benefits Group to find out which policy is right for you.