“Anne & Shawn have served our employees more than fifteen years with voluntary benefits. They educate, communicate, and enroll our employees to fill our core benefits gaps. They are always available to help our employees with the claim process. They are a true pleasure to work with!”

Lori Cook - Manager, Human Resources
Private Consulting Firm Located in Research Triangle Park

“During the many years Shawn and Anne serviced our office, they are always very helpful and responsive to our staff’s insurance needs.” J. R. Rowell, Union County Clerk of Superior Court

J. R. Rowell, Clerk of Superior Court
Union County Judicial Branch, www.NCcourts.gov, Justice for all

“Better Benefits Group is our go-to for trusted advice with benefits for our business. They work with large businesses and government municipalities yet provide excellent care and attention to small businesses.”

Robin D. Johnson, DDS
Dr. Robin Johnson Health and Wellness, Waxhaw, NC

“Retaining good employees is challenging in a competitive market where jobs are many and workers are few. I knew the importance of benefits for my staff, but there was no way I could afford it...until I met with Shawn and Anne! They customized benefits that cover my workers for accidents, sickness, medical emergencies, and even a death benefit all for affordable pricing.

I cannot say enough about how meaningful it was to my staff when I told them I could now offer benefits. Shawn and Anne take time creating personalized benefits for my employees and these plans cover them on and off the job. I highly recommend you learn what Shawn and Anne have to offer business owners and their workers. It’s a game changer!”

Todd Sipe, Owner
Bake My Day Bakery, Mansfield, Ohio

“I have worked with Anne and Shawn Odendhal for many years. They are highly knowledgeable regarding insurance challenges faced by employers and employees. They really care about the wellbeing of their clients. You will not regret working with Anne and Shawn.”

Jeffrey M. Carlini

“Anne and Shawn Odendhal are working colleagues and close friends of more than 10 years. Their honesty, reliability, and trustworthiness are real. Their expertise level in the insurance industry and excellent client service sets them apart from others in the insurance world. For all these reasons, I am pleased to recommend them.”

LaDonna Boyer
Worksite Market Manager

"Shawn and Anne Odendhal are deeply knowledgeable in their field and provide excellent service. They are honest, hard-working, caring people. They have a heart to serve their clients, their community, state, and country. Without hesitation, we highly recommend Shawn and Anne to anyone wanting to really understand insurance benefits.

Gary and Diane Antonacci

"I use the insurance services of Shawn and Anne Odendhal. They are professional, knowledgeable, and personable. I recommend them to you for your needs."

Rev. T. Harris
National Ministry Director, Raleigh, NC

"I am so happy to have chosen Shawn and Anne Odendhal to help me with my family’s insurance needs. They are available for questions and guidance when I need it. They genuinely care."

Sarah Harkey

"I've Shawn worked with Shawn for years in ministry at our church. Shawn is a man of honesty and integrity. He applies these principles in his business to benefit his clients.”

Robert Medeiros CPCU, ARe, AMIM, ASLI
Owner, Lighthouse Consulting, LLC

"Shawn & Anne are knowledgeable in answering questions and patiently explain details. They know the ins and outs of health care and Medicare for senior citizens. I highly recommend discussing every insurance need or question for a business or individual!"

Warren Shinn
Commercial Real Estate

"Anne and Shawn Odendhal actively serve through their business and community activities. Their commitment bettering people’s lives is evident in how they work and live. They genuinely care about my individual and family needs. I highly recommend them for help choosing insurance plans for one’s physical well-being and financial capabilities."

Mary Barnett
Licensed Hearing Specialist

"Investing in one's future has always been thought of as a task in which many of us put it off or simply do not know where to begin. We have all heard the corporate financial pitch of how much you should have saved or what a good amount to put away each month should be. Which in my case I have always had life in the way or the monthly bills that needed to be paid. When I met Shawn for the first time and began talking about financial planning and investing I found that Shawn actually listened and understood. Shawn wanted to help rather than sell a product or gain just another client, he wanted to learn to find what would work best for the goals set out in the conversation. It is rare to find an individual that can listen, help answer questions and guide you to a better financial future. Shawn has continued to provide updates and make sure that the goals discussed are being met and is always available as life changes."

Bryan Manipole
ProStyle Renovations & Construction