We Make Benefits
Simple & Affordable
With Worksite Voluntary Insurance

Your W2 employees and 1099 staff deserve a benefits package that isn’t complicated or costly. At Better Benefits Group, you can finally give it to them without impacting your bottom line.

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Better Benefits Group

Serving Businesses & Individuals

Insurance shouldn’t be complicated. When you face an illness or injury, you should be able to report your need, cover your expenses, and move forward with peace of mind.

Unfortunately, traditional insurance is rarely that simple. Some claims are denied. Others are delayed. Even the claims that are accepted without dispute usually require thousands of dollars in deductible costs that most people can’t afford.

Better Benefits Group offers a better way to do insurance. We provide supplemental insurance that provides you with cash when you are sick or hurt that can be used however you see fit. Pay your deductible, afford uncovered medical bills, replace your income, or handle other expenses related to your need... with zero deductibles ever!

Shawn Allen Odendhal,

Vice President, Owner
(919) 330-2770   |   shawn@betterbenefitsgrp.com

Anne Odendhal,

President, Owner
(919) 632-7300   |   anne@betterbenefitsgrp.com

Compassion-Driven Benefits Group You Can Trust

Better Benefits Group provides the best, most affordable benefits for working people. For over 20 years, we’ve helped businesses offer voluntary worksite benefits they and their employees can actually afford. We’re a woman-owned and veteran-owned business proudly serving Texas and the rest of the United States with unmatched benefit packages.

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Stand Out By Providing Better Benefits

Nearly 80% of employees prefer better benefits over pay increases. The employer that offers a benefits package earns the trust and loyalty of their team.

Benefits To Employers

Increase employee retention
Show your team you care
Improve job satisfaction
No impact on your bottom line
Benefits for everyone - W2 & 1099
Online enrollment available

Benefits To Individuals

Benefits you can actually afford
Easy to understand plans
Financial security when sick or injured
Zero deductibles when filing a claim
Benefits for everyone - W2 & 1099, full time or part time
Cash paid directly to policyholder


Benefits we offer

Give Your Team A Benefits Package They’ll Love

We make it easy for your business to offer quality coverage for every medical need.

  • Meet With Us

    We’ll schedule a brief, purposeful consultation with you to explore our streamlined solutions process for your business!

  • Share Your Needs

    Our goal is to learn about your company and create a voluntary worksite benefits package that meets your needs.

  • Create A Plan

    We will develop a solution roadmap perfectly suited for your business.

  • Give Your Team Excellent Coverage

    We’ll meet with each member of your team and create a customized plan that suits their needs.