Husband-Wife Business Team

We Demystify insurance!

That means… We simplify what can be complex and technical so regular people can understand – people like us.

Anne started the company two decades ago; Shawn joined the business twelve years ago. People ask how we can be married and work together. When doing benefits for Department of Public Safety corrections officers, Anne explains that “yes we are married and work together… and we aren’t inmates yet!” …We really do enjoy walking together with people through significant life decisions and circumstances.

During group presentations Shawn sometimes says, “We have a division of labor…Anne divides it and tells me what to do.”  Anne says “don’t believe it! Shawn and Anne participate in community service and patriotic endeavors. They both love God, love people, love America.

Shawn Allen Odendhal, Veteran, FRC


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Shawn is a navy veteran and astute businessman who earned a B.A. in music at Queens University. He is a diverse musician. Shawn sang tenor with the Virginia opera, Charlotte symphony and church performances. He performs at restaurants and events where jazz, Motown, country, yacht rock and Italian are among his most well-liked styles. Shawn led worship for a variety of multicultural churches and has done music therapy with children in the autism spectrum, Alzheimers and hospice patients. Shawn also served as an overhead lineman at Dominion Power in Virginia for nineteen years.

Shawn loves the outdoors - hiking, gardening. He and Anne work out regularly at the gym. Anne says Shawn is a fabulous cook; Anne would like to make him full time chef and says they have an “equal opportunity kitchen.”






Anne Odendhal, M.A., CLTC, FRC


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Anne is a creative entrepreneur with a pioneering passion for business and life. She earned a B.A in English & Education at UMBC and an M.A in Religion and Counseling at Covenant Seminary. When completing her graduate training she worked as a clinical counselor and college psychology instructor.

Anne is a lifelong student of health and wellness, helping her family maintain a natural, whole food, ecologically sound lifestyle. Anne promotes prevention rather than just sick care and formerly owned a business providing nutrition, wellness, and medicine cabinet makeover workshops. As a former technical writer, editor, and journalist she mastered making the complex easy to understand. Anne also teamed with Shawn in TESOL certified ESL work (English as second language).

Anne is an award-winning artist. God’s creation is her inspiration. Her abstract paintings can be found in local gallery and business venues.




What we hear from our clients:

  • “You’ve helped me understand my benefits more than anyone ever.”
  • “I never understood life insurance until you explained it.”
  • “You’ve been there to help me for years; I trust you.”
  • “Thank you for explaining insurance so it’s easy to understand.”
  • “You helped me figure out how to protect my family without emptying wallet.”
  • “I am amazed I have this much coverage for such low cost.”
  • “You helped me focus on what’s most important for our family so I don’t unnecessarily overspend.”
  • “When I got cancer the claim money saved our home, but the personal care and compassion meant the most.”
  • “I felt I’d never need to file any claims since I am healthy and fit. Turns out my own claim money kept the roof over my head.”
  • “When I lost my little boy in a car accident, I was able to use some of the money from our accident policy to pay for his funeral; How can I every thank you enough for helping me get that policy.”

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