More than 60% of Americans could not afford to cover a $1,000 unplanned emergency expense, according to a survey from Bankrate. Because the average deductible for medical insurance is more than $4,000, a single trip to the emergency room could be a financial crisis for most families.

When your child is injured, you shouldn’t have to look at your bank account to determine whether you can take them to a doctor. At Better Benefits Group, you don’t have to.

We offer medical gap insurance, which covers the expenses that traditional medical insurance won’t. The cash benefits we offer can be applied to any expenses you incur from the emergency, including:

  • Insurance deductibles and copays
  • Time out of work to focus on healing
  • Car repairs if the injury occurred because of a wreck
  • Prescription and nonprescription medication
  • And more


Customize Your Plan

Our hospital gap health insurance is the most flexible coverage plan available. It can be customized to meet your unique needs. Here are a few examples of ways you can customize your coverage:

Do you want a plan that will cover your yearly physical exam? You can custom design your plan to pay you $100 per year to pay for your annual checkup, leaving you with no copay or out of pocket expense.

Are you planning to add to your family in the next few years? Medical gap coverage allows you to create the equivalent of your own maternity or paternity leave. When you file a claim, you can use it to replace your income for a few weeks or months when you have a baby.

Does your job require you to take a vacation day or not get paid when your child is sick? Our medical gap plans allow you to file a to pay you when a sick child keeps you out of the office.



Getting the money you need when you need it most is simple:

  • File a claim
  • Get paid cash for any expenses you need to cover
  • Ease the financial stress and focus on healing

Whether you’re an individual looking for a robust plan to protect your family, or an employer seeking a benefits package your company and your employees can actually afford, Better Benefits Group has a plan that will meet your needs.