Executive Level Disability Insurance

A life-altering injury doesn’t always result in total disability. Sometimes, a catastrophic event can leave a higher earner, such as a doctor, lawyer, or nurse, unable to acquire employment in their profession again. While the person may have the ability to find work in a different industry, they may not earn the same level of income as they did before.

That’s why at Better Benefits Group, we offer own-occupation disability for professionals who earn high incomes.

Traditional disability insurance—also called ‘any occupation’ disability—is available to individuals who can no longer work a full-time job because of their injury.

However, ‘own-occupation’ disability insurance is for professionals who can no longer work in their profession because of their injury.

Own-occupation isn’t right for everyone, socontact Better Benefits Groupto find out if this coverage is what you need.

Here are a few of the many types of professionals who may benefit from own-occupation disability insurance:

Disability Insurance For Business Owners

Most business owners wear many hats and must balance multiple tasks at once. Some injuries may make running a business impossible. Own- occupation disability offers business owners peace of mind by ensuring their finances are protected and their family is provided for.

Disability Insurance For Doctors & Nurses

Doctors and nurses have demanding jobs that require focus, listening skills, and steady hands (especially for surgeons and similar medical professionals). Some injuries may prevent medical personnel from keeping their position. Own-occupation helps minimize financial stress during a crisis.

Disability For Dentists & Dental Hygienists

Working on someone’s mouth requires precision and skill. Dentists and dental hygienists who suffer from serious injuries may no longer have the ability to safely serve their patients. If this ever happens to you, disability insurance can keep you from amassing debt, draining your bank account, or losing your house.

Disability Insurance For Lawyers

Attorneys must have a sharp mind at all times. Whether arguing in court, negotiating a deal, or investigating a case, missing a single detail could significantly impact the lives of an attorney’s clients. In the tragic event where an injury prevents an attorney from performing his or her job effectively, disability insurance can provide the needed financial stability to make it through a hard season.

Disability Insurance For Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists diagnose and provide treatment to patients who suffer from mental illness. A misdiagnosis or prescription mistake could result in a devastating outcome for the patient. If a tragic event occurs preventing a psychiatrist from maintaining his or her profession, disability insurance is the safety net that can help you move forward.

Disability Insurance For Executives

Executives are often responsible for managing people, products, and profit. Years of experience, strong communication skills, and the ability to make informed decisions are what make an executive successful. If a professional ever loses these skills, they may not be able to continue functioning in their role. Own-occupation disability insurance can replace your income even if you find work in another occupation.