Cancer is more common today than ever before in history. An estimated one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer. Furthermore, cancer does not discriminate by age—young and old alike face the risk of this disease.

Few life circumstances are as challenging and painful as living with cancer. The disease takes its toll on your body, emotions, and finances.

Many people find themselves in a massive pit of debt because of the cost of cancer. While hospital bills are a large part of that, medical treatment is far from the only expense families will face with a cancer diagnosis.

Often, individuals are forced to quit their jobs to focus on healing or take care of a family member who has cancer, such as a child, spouse, or elderly parent. This results in losing their most valuable asset: a reliable source of income.

At Better Benefits Group, we offer cancer insurance that eases the burden of a cancer diagnosis. While nothing can take away the pain of going through a hard season like this, our goal is to help reduce the financial stress so that you can focus on the things that matter most — receiving treatment, healing, and being with the people you love.

Cancer Insurance is different from major medical coverage. A cancer insurance policy provides you with cash when you need it to cover any expenses you are facing.


  • Replace your income if you can no longer work
  • Pay the high deductible your insurance company requires
  • Cover any unexpected expenses, such as travel costs for specialized treatment

Cancer insurance coverage provides you with the money you need and allows you to use it where you need it most. It can keep you from losing your home or car. It can even enable you to quit your job to take care of your family.



At Better Benefits Group, you won’t be interrogated by an insurance agent who is more concerned about protecting their bottom line than providing for your needs.

Getting the money you need when you need it most is simple:

  1. File a claim
  2. Get paid cash for any expenses you need to cover
  3. Ease the financial stress and focus on healing

You may be a business owner looking for a benefits package to make your employees feel appreciated, or you may be an individual wanting to protect your family. Either way, Better Benefits Group has a solution for you. Contact us today.