At some point, most people will find themselves in the middle of a transition period where they are not covered by an insurance plan.

  • You may need temporary coverage if:
  • You are in between jobs
  • You are waiting for insurance to start at a new job
  • You missed the deadline to apply through the marketplace
  • You recently turned 26 and are no longer covered by your parents’ insurance plan

If an emergency medical expense occurred during the months that you are not covered, 100% of the cost would fall on your shoulders. Even a relatively minor injury, such as a fracture or cut could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

That’s why Better Benefits Group offers temporary health insurance to get you through any transitional season where you and your family are not fully covered.


Advantages Of Temporary Medical Insurance

  • Coverage can start as early as the next day, so you never have to go unprotected
  • Choose the length of time you would like coverage to last from one month to a year
  • If needed, apply again to renew your plan before it expires to prevent any gaps
  • Each plan is highly flexible and completely customizable

Short term medical insurance is excellent for individuals in the middle of a transition. Employers can also offer this coverage to all new hires to  offer protection  before your company’s insurance plans begin.

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